About Modero & Company

I am originally from Indonesia and I’m very proud of my heritage and culture. My passion is to promote and share my culture through traditional Indonesian dance. The dances I performed tells a story of the custom, the people, life, happiness and sometimes sadness. Dance is my first love. Through my dancing and many years of community involvement, I then discovered how I love telling stories through pictures, events, social media and writing. I started telling stories through food, recorded the experience and then sharing the story. The more I share, the more people I touched through these stories and the more fulfilled I’ve became. There are a lot stories I can share just within my community but Philly is filled with immigrants, refugees, minorities, artist, entrepreneurs and some are marginalized communities. I would love to tell their stories.

My mission is to help and share my experience in marketing, event planning and social media engagement to help anyone, any communities, any artist who has the needs to be promoted, discovered or maybe to simply build the awareness. I would love to tell your story.

About Modero Dance

Modero is a community based dance company that was founded in 2011.  Sinta decided to start her own dance company after her trip to Poso in Central Sulawesi and consulted with her sister Diana. Her sister gave her blessing and her brother Igor Saykoji designed her logo complete with a Pamonian dancer wearing the traditional Pamonian outfit called Tomboli and then Modero was born. Sinta’s vision is to combine traditional and modern dance disciplines. This fusion brings the best of both worlds in energetic & intricate choreography.

10411908_737094699668240_4081463777524439428_nModero started in the city of Philadelphia with only 4 dancers, Amelia Laytham, Whitney Postman and Katherine Antarikso. Modero performed in many different community gatherings, city of Philadelphia events, Andrea Clearfield’s legendary salon, Laura Cohn’s From Bali to Bala Annual Gift Show to a few local Latin Showcases. Modero dancers has grown over the years and now consist of 20 dancers as young as 4 years old and as old as 67 years young. Modero has been recognized to be the Indonesian culture torch bearer in the city of brotherly love and have performed in many prestigious events such as the World Festival of Families during the Papal Visit in September 2015, Philadelphia Philles games in 2015 and 2016, Ted@UPS Talk on September 15, 2016 in Atlanta Georgia (SCAD SHOW) and more.

10841943_881910931853282_6221042294264892515_oWith high demands in bringing more quality event planning and entertainment within the Indonesian community, Modero has grown and provide a broader service to the community.  With many years of event planning under her belt from wedding , community events with as many as 1500 people in attendance, Sinta is now joined by DJ Storms and DJ RAH on Modero’s entertainment division. These services are available for the community as well as private events.

Our Mission:

  • To preserve the Indonesian culture through traditional dances.
  • To raise awareness of the Indonesian community’s contribution to city of Philadelphia.
  • To bring quality events and entertainment to the community and general public.